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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a vintage picnic

As I mentioned in my previous post some friends got together to throw a baby shower for Sara. 
Tiff and I were in charge of food and since it was a "vintage picnic" theme 
we decided to provide a picnic-ish dinner.

The food/drink table.
We kept the drinks simple with pink lemonade, sweet tea, and water.
For dessert we had Pie in a jar 
(see previous post for all the DELISH details).
Preggers with her pie! 
I ADORE vintage cameras and have a variety 
of them in my house
(this one is was my parents and I remember taking pictures with it when I was a kid).
I purchased the picnic basket on clearance 
at Target for about $3.
What can I say, I'm a BARGAIN shopper.
There was a choice of chicken salad sandwich or egg salad sandwich 
and both included a clementine and SWEET potato chips.
Sandwiches wrapped in wax paper and tied with raffia.
VERY cute and EASY.
Tiff and I.
Alaina made this LOVELY garland out of 
fabric scraps and twine.
Sara's going to use them for the baby's room.
An old window where the gifts went.
"Picnic blankets" were placed on the floor, 

so we could eat picnic style! 
For months I've been purchasing mason jars 
(mainly at thrift stores and garage sales for super cheap) 
and I finally used them as drinking glasses at the party. 
I wrapped a small piece of bakers twine from The Twinery
and placed a white straw in each jar
(purchased at Target around the 4th of July for a $1).
ATLAS mason is my new FAVE!!!
I tell you my GREAT deals, so you hopefully get inspired to keep your eyes open for these fun items at GREAT prices.
Some other friends were in charge of the party favors.
They placed gerber daisys in a mason jar (YAY), 
then filled it with ...
... M&Ms (yummmm).

It was a super fun evening honoring Sara and 
I was so blessed to be a part of it!

Guess who's baby shower is next?....

... Jenn's!
Check out Jenn's Woodland Baby Shower here!


  1. Sara ... you look fabulous! <3

    Hugs and kisses from Cousin Bee.

  2. Too cute CareBear - you really are amazing

  3. What a pretty party, and two pretty mommas to be:)

  4. this is adorable. love the sandwiches in waxed paper - they look beautiful that way. and I LOVE mason jars!

  5. So pretty and the picnic idea is fantastic! No serving people, easy clean up, and a pretty presentation! Great party!

  6. That was so cute ... I love that you served pie in a jar. Great details.

    Visiting from Maddycakes Muse.


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