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Monday, July 28, 2014

little explorer // sticks & stones

When Kelli and I were chatting about Ezra's birthday
we really did want to keep it simple, but with some fun details. 
Painting sticks & stones became our main details for the party (and the fun trail mix bar). 
Oh hey buddy. 
It was fun having Ezra help me paint. 
I'm in love with these painted sticks!!! 
Lastly we hung sticks and feathers as a basic backdrop for the trail mix and drinks.
Again, so simple!
And this amazing canoe from Beargrass Gardens

One of my favorite things about this party was how we aimed to keep it simple. 
I really believe you can have a wonderful party and make it special by adding a few special touches. 
We did just that! We had a few fun details, but nothing too crazy. 

Can't wait till the next party! 

Photography - Kelli Trontel
Table accessories & decor- Beargrass Gardens Floral & Events

Sunday, July 27, 2014

little explorer // trail mix bar

As I mentioned in my previous post at Ezra's "little explorer" birthday party
we had a trail mix bar for guests as they arrived. 
Granola, dried cranberries, swedish fish, chocolate chips, chocolate rocks, bugles, 
m&m's, yogurt covered raisins, peanuts, and pretzels. 
I love Kelli's handwriting!
 We decorated with the simple sticks & stones we painted and wrote on (I'll post about that soon).
 Bugles are my fave because they remind me of teepees. 
We used them in the "teepee trail mix" for Kelli's baby shower
 Rocks?!?! Yep, chocolate rocks. 
 To hold the trail mix we used seed starters and coffee filters (I got the idea here).
 The birthday boy enjoying his trail mix. 
It was a huge hit! 
I love doing these kind of special and different treats at a party!

Photography - Kelli Trontel
Table accessories & decor- Beargrass Gardens Floral & Events

Friday, July 25, 2014

little explorer birthday party

I LOVE it when my friends let me help with their kiddos birthday parties!!!
Kelli and Reed's little boy Ezra turned two a few weeks ago and 
it was a blast helping plan his party. 
We decided that a "Little Explorer" party was a perfect fit for Ezra because he loves exploring! 
We are both busy gals, so we wanted to keep the party simple, easy, and fun.
When guests arrived they were offered drinks and ....
trail mix! We had a super cute "make your own trail mix" bar. 
Check out all the details here.  
Dinner was burgers and sides. 
Watermelon pizza.
Cute little friends. 
Dirt cups for dessert. 
Jessy from Arrowleaf Baking made this adorable cake. 
Ezra liked it.... obviously. 
SO thankful for my creative buddy! 
Check out Kelli's post on Ezra's birthday for more great pictures. 

Check out my DIY posts of the trail mix bar and the painted sticks & stones.

Photography - Kelli Trontel
Table accessories & decor- Beargrass Gardens Floral & Events

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