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Friday, September 12, 2014

garden birthday party

Let's just skip the part where I mention that this blog post is a couple years old... oops.
But in honor of Crystal's birthday yesterday, I thought I'd finally post it!
We had a lovely Garden Party at my sweet friends Linda's house 
(same place we had Kari's baby shower a few weeks back).  
We had so much fun chatting, eating, and picking veggies & fruits in Linda's garden. 
As usual table settings were my fave. 
I stamped the napkins with different flower names. 
And Linda made little bread loafs. 
Flowers from Linda's garden. 
My other favorite detail was the Muddle Your Own Lemonade bar. Yep. 
I got this wonderful idea from Cupcakes & Cutlery.
Grab a cup and put in your desired fruits and herbs. 
Then muddle them! 
And add some lemonade. 

Yummy food. 
Crystal and her daughter Izzi. I love them so. 
And then off to the garden! 
Linda explaining what is where. 
Lovely evening with lovely friends. 

Happy Birthday Crystal!!! 
You are a true joy to know and I can't wait to see what God has in-store for you this year. 
Love you! 

Thank you Izzi for all the pictures!

Friday, September 5, 2014

crafty jar // gift

Just a quick post to share one of my favorite gifts!
I call it the Crafty Jar. 
I have so many crafty friends, I love making these jars as gifts for them. 
I put all sorts of treasures in them.....
twine, gift tags, buttons, clothespins, 
ribbon, more twine, stamps, little fuzz balls, and more!

Do you have a crafty friend who would love some fun embellishments and craft supplies....
then this is the gift for them!

Ummmmm.... I sound like an infomercial. HA! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

children's book themed baby shower

I feel like it's been a while since I planned a baby shower!
My sweet friend Kari is due with her first baby in a few weeks and Jennie and I had the honor & joy of throwing her a baby shower.We asked our friend Linda if we could have the party at her house because...well the pictures speak for themselves....
These are all iPhone photos and are all random sizes, ha!
One of these days I'll splurge for a "real" camera. 
We wanted to have each food to match a children's book. 
The dinglehoppers made me laugh out loud when I thought of it.
Pizza Port anyone?! 
Mad Hatters tea party sandwiches. 
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. 
Table settings are always my FAVORITE. 
I made a simple table runner from old books that I purchased at the thrift store
and were falling apart (so I didn't feel too bad cutting them apart). ok... I felt I little bad. 
I texted Jennie and told her I was a book murderer, but it's so cute!!!!
For the centerpieces Linda made flower arrangements from her garden and 
her wonderful daughter Debbie's garden. Then I just placed more books on the tables.
At each setting there was a handmade bookmark from Jennie, 
a chocolate chip cookie (thank you Martha Stewart for the recipe) with a straw and a 
If You Give A Mouse A Cookie tag attached. 
Also, there was a card with a letter on it (found via Design Sponge) that each lady wrote 
a piece of wisdom or encouragement to Kari on. 
We will turn it into a book soon. 
Pretty presents. 
My friend Chelsea made a yummy apple crustada and 
Jessy of Arrowleaf Baking made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. 

Sheesh, I love this girl. 
Kari has been working with me for almost 3 years and I am so incredibly thankful for her! 
Now that she's going to be a stay at home mommy, she's leaving me (insert crying face). 
She's going to be a wonderful mom, I just know it. 

I love you Kari and can't wait to meet your precious daughter!!! 

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