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Monday, December 16, 2013

hunt and cut 2013

Here we are again... Hunt & Cut 2013
We went deep into the forest this year to find our perfect Christmas tree and it was AMAZING!!!
Oh and sweet Kelli documented the lovely day. 

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... which tree to pick?!
We hunt...
and cut. 
Then we hang out and eat.
Soups for a cold day.
I stamped simple white cups with a homemade tree stamp for soup.
Then used a Smash Date Stamp to stamp other cups that said "happy memories NOV 29 2013" for hot cocoa. 
I kind of love them. A lot. 
Cute little bunting. 
And my favorite Hunt & Cut treat! (You can see this previous blog for the DIY of these trees)
One more cause I love them so. 
I LOVE doing life with these people. Love. 
Kelli and I. 
Loading up the trees. 
These pictures that Kelli captured on the drive are amazing! You can see even more on her blog.
Ok one last thing. That 1st picture I posted that Kelli took is one of my favorite. 
She and our friend Ashley make monthly desktops/wallpaper and they used that picture for this month. 
It's stunning and you can download it on their sites for FREE!

Merry Christmas friends!

Friday, October 25, 2013

past autumn projects

Well, Autumn is in full swing here in Montana and it's gorgeous!
I'm not going to apologize for lack of posts because.... well.... I'm not really sorry. Ha! 
I've been living life and it's been crazy busy.
However, here are some last Autumn posts incase you miss them or need some last minute inspiration. 

pretty painted pumpkins
Pretty much one of my favorite projects EVER that Kelli Trontel (her pics) and I did. 

autumn birthday celebration

candy corn oreo cupcakes

candy corn bowl by my sweet friend April of illi style

You can follow me on Instagram or Pinterest to see more fun and inspiring projects. 
Happy Fall Y'all!!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

life on instagram // 3

Instagram. I love it.
Thought I'd catch you up on some fun & creative things I've IG'd over the past few months
(some of them are a weird size because you can't see the white boarder).
Peg boards in my Kid's Ministry classrooms. LOVE. 
Anchors on a building.

IG turned gift tag. Thanks Postal Pix for the prints and great idea. 

Cute setup and an Antique store. 

Fabric wrapped frame. Cute AND easy. 

Milkshake bar. Drool. 

Are you on Instagram?! It's my fave. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

care package for those in need

My church is doing an amazing event called Rock This City. It's truly rocking my world. 
It's a 10 day event where we unleash Christ's love in our community. 
We partner with The City, non-profits, and other organizations to give back. 
Oh and it's across the whole state of Montana, no big deal huge deal. 
I decided I wanted to participate every day. Every day. 
If you follow me on Instagram, you've seen this in action picture. 
It took some planning, but I'm so glad I did it. Some of those days I decided I would do events at home. 
One of these ideas was something that has been on my heart for years. It's pathetic to say it's taken me years to finish it though.

They are simple care packages for someone in need. 
Sometimes it's hard when I see people on the street asking for money. 
My heart hurts for them and I don't always know what to do. Usually I don't have cash on me and sometimes when I do I'm hesitant to give cash out (just being honest). 

My new goal is to always have one of these bags in my car. 

To make these I simply went to the dollar tree and target to purchase my supplies...
Water bottles 
Granola bars 
Trail mix 
Disinfecting wipes 
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Total cost was around $15 which made 3 bags. 

Not pictured- 
Information about local facilities that offer free meals 
Local homeless shelter info
Church invite
A note - I know that sounds silly, but I wanted it to be somewhat personal. Not just information, but words from a person who does care.

ALSO, my friend recommended socks, so I'll get some of those today.
AND in the winter I'll put in hand warmers. 

If you're looking for an activity that is simple and a great way to teach kids (and adults) how to give to those in need and share Christ's love, this is a great one.

These last 10 days of giving back to the community, sacrifice, spending time with church family, meeting new people, and thanking those in our community has truly blessed ME.

Check out rockthiscity.co to find out more and how YOU can participate. 

What else would you add to this bag???

Monday, August 12, 2013

party in a box // pinwheels

I love table settings. 
There's something about the place setting, centerpieces, and details that make my heart swoon. 
Sometimes, there isn't enough time for crazy table settings and that's when a PARTY IN A BOX comes in handy! I've done this before and they are so fun (see here & here). 
This box (well, technically it's not a box, but close enough) was for my sweet friend Charis' birthday. 
 Supplies- scrapbook paper, pinwheels (large and small), plates, napkins, forks, straws, mason jars, 
cake server, twine, and a cake stand. 
 We got to the restaurant early and placed a piece of scrapbook paper at each place with a little napkin,
and a cup of water with a straw. 
We ended up not using the little pinwheels & the twine just for a gift.
Then we filled 2 mason jars with sand and pinwheels.
 So simple and so cute. 
Dinner at Piggy Back BBQ in Whitefish.
After dinner we enjoyed a gluten free coconut cake from Sweet No Wheat. 

Super fun night celebrating a wonderful friend!  

Friday, June 28, 2013

last minute 4th of july treat

I have been know to go overboard with my crazy creative ideas before, 
but sometimes I just like to KEEP IT SIMPLE! 
Last year on the 4th of July I saw this Pin on Pinterest and loved the concept, 
but I did not want to spend the time making them, so I modified the cute idea and came up with this!
I simply printed this great little sign & bunting from One Charming Party (a favorite blog of mine),
attached it to a wire basket, & filled it with Ring Pops.
I was a HUGE hit!

The 4th of July is my FAVORITE holiday! Hope you enjoy the day. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Lenya Avery

It's crazy to think I haven't blogged in 6 months and I've dreaded this blog post pretty much since then. This post is long overdue and here are some things you should know before you read on...

1. This is not a creative post.
2. This post is very personal.
3. My thoughts are a little jumbled and I've rewritten this post over and over because I don't feel any of my words do it justice.  
Here we go...

On December 20, 2012 my friend's little girl, Lenya Avery Lusko, went to be with Jesus due to sever asthma attack. This sweet, sassy, spunky, caring, adorable, 5 year old whom I LOVE deeply went to heaven. 
It was/is devastating. Lenya is Levi (my pastor) and Jennie's (my dear friend) daughter. My heart aches because I miss the Lenya Lion, but my heart also hurts to see my sweet friend and pastor go through so much pain. 
For years they have been like family to me and they are a BIG part of why I'm in Montana. 
I love this family heart and soul. 
I don't really know what to say. 
It was just too hard to blog for so long and still sort of is, but I wanted to post something

Since Lenya went to heaven it's been one of the hardest times of my life and yet God has been and 
still is SO faithful. He has been my ultimate comfort, strength, hope, and anchor. 
I don't know what I would do without Him in my life.

The Lusko's faith, honesty, and openness through everything has been inspiring and I urge you to watch Lenya's Celebration of Life here. It is full of HOPE. 

Pastor Levi and Jennie have said on numerous occasions,
"We are hurting, but we have hope.
We miss her fiercely, but we trust God fully."

Pastor Greg Laurie said something that really stuck with me,
"We mourn deeply because we love deeply. At the same time we don't mourn hopelessly, but hopefully knowing we'll see them again."

Oh what a GLORIOUS day that will be!!!

My favorite picture of Lenya and I from 2010
Last week I got a tattoo. 
It holds so many meanings. Mainly that Christ is my anchor.
Hebrew 6:19 says, "This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast"
and He truly has been my anchor through this storm. 
It also reminds me of Lenya and how much I love and miss her, 
but I REJOICE that I will see her again. 
It reminds be to pray for the Luskos.
Lastly, it reminds me that life is short and I want to live every moment to its fullest 
and glorify God in everything I do. 

If you want to know more about this HOPE I have, visit here
Also, Pastor Levi wrote a post yesterday called Half a Year in Heaven that shares his heart, hurt, and hope. 
Jennie also has a GREAT blog where she shares what God is teaching her. 

I do look forward to sharing some fun creative things I've been up to, 
but I've had a bit of a priority shift and won't be blogging too often 
or on any regular schedule (against all pro bloggers advice, ha). 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook and have been following what's been going on, 
thank you for your kind words and prayers. They mean more than you could ever know. 
Please continue to pray for Pastor Levi, his sweet wife Jennie, and their families.

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