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Monday, October 18, 2010

pie in a jar

SO excited to share this! My DEAR friend Sara is expecting a sweet little girl, so some LOVELY ladies threw her a little baby shower. The theme was a "Vintage Picnic" and my FABULOUS friend Tiffany and I were in charge of food. I will show you all the fun stuff we did later, but for now... DESSERT!

I had seen this idea a while back and I had been dying to try it and this was the PERFECT occasion. So we made PIE IN A JAR!!! I googled "pie in a jar" and found inspiration/help from Not Martha and Llyod and Lauren. Here's what WE ended up doing.

I'd love to tell you how we made our own pie filling and how labor intensive and epic it was, but we didn't. We found "great value" and purchased it and some pie crust. So we had some pies with homemade crust and others had store-bought crust. Get over it. This is how I roll.
We placed pieces of dough in the jar, 
then smoothed it out as best we could and trimmed the tops.
Hard at work!
I used the mouth of a jar to cut out a top for the pie. We made three flavors 
(cherry, peach and apple), so each pie top was different 
(dots, criss-cross and a heart). 
For the cherry pie I used a straw to make holes.
We then filled the jar with filling about 3/4s of the way.
Placed the crust top on.
Folded down the edges around the jar to meet the top.
Crimped the edges with a fork.
We baked some to test and froze the rest. We baked the test pies at 350 for about 45min (do NOT bake with lids on). The nice part is the pies are in a glass jar, so you can see if the crust is a light brown and ready. We sealed up the rest and stuck them in the freezer. Conveniently next to the ice cream. The frozen pies were later baked for about the same time (just check on them and adjust accordingly).

Here they are at the party.
Sara and her pie with some whipped cream.
Me and my pie (I made my friend stand on a wobbly chair to take this picture, 
I was dying of laughter on the inside!).

Do YOU heart pie??? What flavor?


  1. I totally heart pie- that looks so yummy!

  2. Thanks for sharing on 30days- I love this!!! Yum. Yum. Yum. Wanna get busy making some of my own. xo, Mique

  3. yes yes yes. i am in love with your blog!


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