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Thursday, September 16, 2010

keep calm and cruise on

My friend Crystal asked me to bake cupcakes for her birthday (yay). 
The plan was for everyone to meet at a local park for breakfast burritos made by Chef B. Ray (her husband), 
go for a bike ride and then come back for CUPCAKES.
I made Straw-Berried Treasure Cupcakes (recipe here) and they were deeeee-lish! 
I added a small dusting of pink and orange sugar to the top and 
a little cupcake topper that said "Keep Calm and Cruise On".

 We used a pink/orange color pallet (Crystal's fave) and my mom (who never ceases to AMAZE me)  
made the flower arrangement inside a pumpkin.
MY cute bike!
Happy Birthday Crystal!


  1. I think you're pretty amazing, too. xoxo- mom

  2. Super cute. You should enter some of your ideas in this weeks CSI Project challenge; it's all things party (which you rock at!).


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