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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

straw-berried treasure cupcakes

I'm going back in my photo library and finding some fun events, recipes and crafts that I never blogged about and posting them here.

The 1st is a delish cupcake recipe if found from I Heart Cuppycakes called, Straw-Berried Treasure Cupcakes and I made them a year ago. One of the reasons I really enjoyed these cupcakes because they had the flavor combo of sour cream, strawberries and brown sugar. 
I had never tried this combo until I moved to Montana. I was at a baby shower they had strawberries that you dip in sour cream and then brown sugar... oh yeah, so yummmmm! 
I was hesitant at first and you may be too, but don't knock it, till you try it! 

Anyways, I was eager to try these and they lived up to all my expectations! 
I'll give you the simple versions...

Bake delish chocolate cupcakes. Skull liners are optional :) I purchased these liners because my church was just launching a new ministry called Skull Church, check it out!
Cut off the tops and hallow out strawberries.
Cut a hole inside the cupcake and place the strawberries inside.

Fill the strawberries and frost the cupcakes with the frosting (combine 2 jars -7 oz each, marshmallow creme and 2-8 oz cream cheese, softened until smooth).

Sprinkle with brown sugar. This is the best part!!! 
Make sure you sprinkle the brown sugar as close to the serving time as possible 
so it doesn't get melty and gooey.

To get the full recipe go here.

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  1. How did I never get a taste of these delicious treats???


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