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Thursday, November 15, 2012

vintage finds

 I told you what a fun time I had at The Vintage Whites Market on Saturday. 
Well, here's what I purchased...
 A cute book to add to my collection.
An apron to be my "tool belt" while crafting/styling.
A wire basket to hold some vintage books.

My favorite purchase was this vintage bread pan.
I purchased the pan from Jennifer of Funky Junk Antiques and she was told they were
Army bread pans and were color coded for mess halls.

 I thought it would be perfect to hold my ribbon!
I'm pretty excited about it. 

Have you ever used a kitchen item for your craft/office supplies?


  1. GREAT idea!!! so stinking cute and practical... i love when that happens:)

  2. I love those items with a "story" behind them and then it's repurposed for something totally adorbs!!

  3. Such lovely finds! I adore that yellow bread pan!

  4. I love the bread pan! Way to upcycle Care! I love your book too. So sweet. I am excited to see pics of you in the apron while getting your craft on :)

  5. Great re-purpose idea! It works perfect for that! I love using kitchen items in a craft space, I use old ironstone vases and pitchers to hold pens and pain brushes! Thank you for including me in your post, hope our paths cross again. Kindly, Jennifer


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