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Monday, November 19, 2012

thankful chalkboards

Happy Thanksgiving week!
Today's little craft is very easy and really could be done MANY ways. 
These thankful chalkboards are basically props to write what you're thankful for & then take a picture holding it.
I just love the idea of having a picture every year saying what we are thankful for. To document life.  
This year I am thankful for my mom. She's visiting me from Wisconsin and I know this will be a special time for us (fully crying now). I am so excited to spend time with her and learn from her. 
Here's how I made my chalkboards. 
Trace whatever shapes you'd like out of foam-board (I purchased mine at the Dollar Tree).
I really like the thickness and stability the foam-board provides. 
Then it's time to cut them out. 
I found an x-acto knife worked best - be careful!
Then I sanded the edges to help smooth it out. 
Shapes are ready to be painted!
I used this amazing chalkboard paint.
The reason I decided to make a chalkboard is so you can just make a few boards & everyone can take turns writing what they're thankful for & then taking a picture. Not everyone needs their own board & family/group pictures would be cute too. So, not too many & not too few. 
Boom. Done. 
My sweet little friends (not my kids ;) writing what they are thankful for. 
They are so cute!!!!
I love the idea of having these pictures to look back on and see growth, change, and 
remember what they were thankful for over the years.

I'm going to update this post after Thanksgiving to show what my dinner guests are thankful for, 
so check back!

What are you thankful for this year?

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