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Monday, September 17, 2012

sweet as pie // baby shower

When my friend Jennie was pregnant with her 4th baby girl I knew she didn't "need" 
a lot of things for this sweet new addition.
However, our friends LOVE a reason to get together and shower our friends with love (and presents)
So, we decide a mellow night with a few close friends and family members 
would be perfect to celebrate this new baby. 

Jennie LOVES pie, so a "Sweet as Pie" theme was perfect. 
I kept things VERY simple (which for me can sometimes be harder than going crazy!). 
All the girls pitched in and brought food. We had a yummy salad for dinner and LOTS of pie for dessert. 
 The invitations were made from card-stock that I cut and folded. My friend Alaina sewed the fabric to the front and then I stamped "sweet as pie". Inside I glued a recipe card and Elisha hand wrote the party information. 
It was a great group project!
 The only decorations we had was an oval embroidery hoop with teal fabric and a bunting that said ...
"sweet as pie".
Many pies were made.
A lot of pie was eaten. 
Now you know why we had salad for dinner. HA! 
I made 2 pies, but didn't have nice pie dishes, 
so I simply covered the aluminum dishes I purchased from the Dollar Tree with fabric. 
Heart hand-held pies. 
As a little favor I made pie crust crackers. I got the recipe from Pillsbury and it only requires pie crust and sugar. I had teal and orange sugar, so they matched perfect! Jennie named their little girl Clover, so just for fun I made heart and clover shaped crackers because we love Clover. Sigh. 
We chatted, laughed, ate, and prayed, and as always enjoyed the amazing friendships we have. 

Want more PIE inspiration?! Check out my "Sweet as Pie" board on Pinterest.

Party concept and styling - ME! Cue the Confetti 
Photography- Kelli Trontel

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