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Monday, September 10, 2012

comfort kit

Do you have a friend having a baby soon? If so, make her a COMFORT KIT!
Because sometimes people need a little comfort (especially when at the hospital). 
When my friend Kelli was getting ready to have her 1st baby
I thought this would be a fun gift to her and her husband Reed (and Reed definitely enjoyed it!).
Since I've never had a child, I looked to the internet and friends as to what people want, need, 
and forget most during their hospital stay. 

Here's what it included...
Wipes, lip balm, face wipes, hair bands/bobby pins, breath mints. 
I added fun little notes on each item. 
Powerade (I got this idea from Polkadot Prints. She made a cute Labour Kit too!).
I also added Bible verses to encourage Kelli and Reed.
Reading material and more snacks 
(Kelli was loving Orange Cream soda, so I thought orange slices might be good too).
For much needed back-rubs. 
Celebratory package.
Praise the Lord for a happy and healthy baby! 
Packed it all up and delivered it.
Actually I ended up delivering it the night she went into the hospital! 
I love giving people special gifts and this one was a ton of fun to make. 

What else would you include in a comfort kit?!

To see more ideas of creative gifts, check out my "Give Unto Others" board on Pinterest.

All pictures by me and 
thanks to Elisha for her awesome handwriting! 


  1. This is awesome! What an amazing friend you are to have done all of this for the mom-to-be! I love the idea! :)

  2. Such a nice idea, often Mum is forgotten while everyone goes baby mad. Particularity if this is a 2nd baby and Mum already has the baby stuff covered!

  3. That's such a sweet idea...I always love giving a gift to Mom too! I've had fun checking out your blog! I would love to have you come share 'Your Great Idea' at my link party, hosted every weekend. I know my readers would love you! www.oneshetwoshe.com

  4. This is an awsome idea!!! You are very sweet (one can tell by the notes). By the way, I loved your blog!!!
    Regards ;-)


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