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Monday, September 3, 2012

labor-LESS day

Happy Labor Day friends!!!
Years ago Carrie {Cue The Confetti} and April {illi Style} were together in sunny SoCal on this glorious holiday
and though we can throw a mean party from scratch, we decided that Labor Day was ridiculous.
This is a federal holiday and who wants to labor on a holiday, not us. So we started a better holiday:
Labor-less Day, as in do less work.
Since we are firm believers that all parties should be adorable, even last minute ones,
we have these simple rules to observe for your Labor-less Day Soiree:
1. Reuse decor and supplies from other holidays
2. Reduce the amount you have to do
3. Recycle items you have at home instead of purchasing more
So, if you celebrated the 4th of July then you should have some decor left over from July. 
Here's what we had laying around:
15 minute cup wreath tutorial - illistyle.com
This is April's 4th of July Cup Wreath. (Cups, straws, and plates.)
Being that it is still hanging on the door from July, we just left it up.
This is Labor-less day after all, so that seemed like the least labor intensive thing to do.Labor less Day Celebration - illistyle.com cuetheconfetti.com
For paper products and utensils this is a great time to
1. Use disposable products for less cleaning and
2. Use leftovers from other parties so you don''t have to purchase more.
Food: Veggie Trays and Pizza. Remember, Labor-LESS. LESS is more today. Keep it lazy, people.
For a fun dessert that is easy and obviously yummy: chocholate dipped... anything!
Just open up your cupboards and start dipping! Potato chips (YES!), oreos, pretzles, marshmallows.
Yes, you can dip fruit too. I (Carrie) have even dipped bacon before and it's delish. 
Labor less Day Celebration - illistyle.com cuetheconfetti.com
This is a great time to use all those jars you've been saving. You've been saving them... right?!
Use old jelly, peanut butter, mason jars to make a cute and easy way to serve drinks.Labor less Day Celebration - illistyle.com cuetheconfetti.com
Oh and those leftover straws you have, use those too!
Labor less Day Celebration - illistyle.com cuetheconfetti.com
 If you have a child, dress that kid up... parties are always fun with cute kids running around. 
Here's April's daughter modeling the Patriotic Princess Dress
instagram pic patriotic princess dress - illistyle.com
  We hope we gave you some fun and easy ideas to truly enjoy the Labor-LESS Day!
  What tips or tricks do you have for last minute, easy get togethers?

If you enjoy this Labor-less Day awesomeness, and want more cute and fun ideas,
check these out: Easy Table Decor and Easy Banana Pops 

illistyle.com cuetheconfetti.com

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