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Monday, August 20, 2012

coconut chocolate cake

Well, I know we have Pinterest now a days to share links of what we find and love, 
but I wanted to share this yummy cake recipe I found via Martha Stewart
My sweet friend Charis loves chocolate and coconut, 
so for her birthday that's the kind of cake I wanted to make.
If you follow me in Instagram you already saw the cute cake. 
The little flags are made from Target (blue & red) and Joann's (silver) tape on 
toothpicks and wooden skewers.

In the middle of the cake I spread a layer of frosting, sprinkled coconut,
and then drizzled dark chocolate Hershey's syrup on top. The syrup was just for fun. 
The CAKE was the "Ultimate Chocolate Cake" & 
the FROSTING was "Coconut Cake Frosting" both found on Martha Stewart's web site.
The cake took a little more time than I was planning on, but it was so tasty it was worth it.
The frosting was delicious and made a lot.

They both turned out SO good!!! 

Ok, now I'm going to go PIN them. HA!

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