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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

arrow cupcake toppers

One of my favorite details from Kelli's "Little Brave Man" baby shower 
were the arrow cupcake toppers. 
Here's how I made them...
1. Gather the supplies (adhesive paper strips // I purchased mine at Joann's //, toothpicks, and scissors).
2. Cut the strips into 1/4's.
3. Peal the back off one section.
4. Place the toothpick approx. 1/4 in on the sticky part and half way down from the top. 
5. Fold in half so the ends touch. 
6. Cut a "V" shape on the top and bottom. 
7. Cut slits on the diagonal and Ta-da!
You can also cut them a little differently to create other shapes. 
Now they're ready to put in the cupcakes! 
The 1st and last 2 pics are by Kelli and the rest are mine.

How AMAZING would these be for a BRAVE or HUNGER GAMES party!?!?!


  1. this is SO stinkin cute!!! i can't wait to try it, or a variation of it, on somethin'!!!

  2. thanks for posting! so simple and cute!

  3. Carrie! I love your site and all of the creative and cute ideas. I love following along. I used this idea for toppers for my daughter's Brave birthday. They turned out darling and everyone thought they looked so festive. I had a hard time finding the sticky paper you used, so I improvised with construction paper and a glue stick. :)

    I blogged about these on my daughter's birthday post, so I hope lots of people will check out your site. It's awesome!

    -Juli "Something Quite Domestic"


    1. So cute! Thanks for letting me know and linking to me!!!

  4. You are welcome! The toppers were such a cute, easy way to tie in the theme! You are so creative! :)


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