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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

painted serving spoons

Color coordinating your serving utensils is an easy way to incorporate a theme or colors into any party. 
For Kelli's baby shower, I painted 2 spoons RIGHT before I left my house to go to the party.
They literally dried in my car, HA!!
Here's how it's done...
1. Gather supplies 
(paint, paint brushes, painters tape, and serving spoons // 
mine were fifty cents from the thrift store that I washed... a few times).
2. Tape off areas you want painted. 
3. Paint away! 
4. Let dry and paint again (and again if needed). 
5. Remove the tape and you're done!
We actually only ended up using one spoon, but now Kelli has a fun spoon for her kitchen. 
Or a cute spanking spoon... just kidding. Maybe. 
I didn't put any sealer on my spoons, so they need to be cautiously hand washed.

The 1st and last picture Kelli photographed, the rest are from my awesome iphone. 

I really do think these type of details help make parties just a little more personal. 

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