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Monday, November 17, 2014

easy thanksgiving decorations

Thanksgiving is almost here!
I thought I'd share some cute Thanksgiving decorations from last year. 
I love it when my friends let me decorate at their houses! 
When I'm bringing the table setting and decorations to someone's house
I try to keep everything simple while being super cute. 
I used wrapping paper from Target over a white tablecloth (also from Target).
My friend Sara (the host) and I used a mix match of our dinnerware.
Then I made simple place cards with card stock and embellished with glitter and feathers. 
For the center pieces I purchased flowers and placed them in mason jars and 
wrapped them with the same card stock and twine. 
And I added glitter to mini pumpkins. 
 Lastly I made a banner and feather garland. 
All set and ready for a feast! 

Sara printed these cute cards where people could write what they are thankful for. 
Sara's house has a huge chalkboard wall which was a fun way to write and
draw things we're thankful for. 

The year before this I made fun chalkboard signs and we wrote what 
we were thankful for. You can check them out here

Happy early Thanksgiving! 

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