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Thursday, December 6, 2012

life on instagram

I. LOVE. Instagram.
If you haven't heard of Instagram let me just tell you that it's basically Facebook + Twitter in 1, 
but WAY better AND just in pictures. You follow people, people follow you, you can "like" or comment on pictures.... it's very fun. 

 I realize some people don't have Instagram, so I'm going to start sharing some of my favorites from the week (well, maybe not EVERY week, we'll see how it goes). 
I've been wanting to add this to my blog for MONTHS now, but I guess I'm afraid of commitment, HA!
Obviously you can follow me on IG (Instagram for short ;) 
BUT I like the idea of sharing them here and even pinning to Pinterest too. 

Let the Instagrams begin!!

OK, I couldn't resist posting a few Thanksgiving pics!
My mom was visiting and we made some yummy pies the night before Thanksgiving. 
She suggested the YUM with the leftover crust and the apples were cut with a crust cutter she got me. 

We made a fake tree with yarn + push pins and then hung a sign that said "coming soon". 
The dinning table was simple, but lovely. 

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was our annual HUNT & CUT... my FAVORITE!
The hosts put their epic truck out front with a tree tied to it for a photo spot. I want that truck SO bad.

It's going to get crafty here!!! 
People kept asking what I wanted to sew and I felt silly saying ... banners, tablecloths, crafts. HA! 

My church/work just moved locations at one of our campuses and half of my Kid's Ministry meets in a wine bar. 
I LOVE the stage decor and the kids loved the disco ball. 

My crafty corner is getting organized and I love it. 
My newest addition is my washi tape on adjustable curtain rods in a crate. 

So that's all!
I'm excited to show you some creative stuff throughout these IG posts. 
Are YOU on Instagram???!!! 
Do you just LOVE it?

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  1. I am so happy that you're doing this Carrie since I am not on IG. (I think it is a smart phone thing) . Love all the pics !


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