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Thursday, December 13, 2012

life on instagram // 2

I'm pretty much obsessed with bows lately (this is my new ring from Target).
My new theory is "when in doubt, put a bow on it".
My poor Christmas tree is still outside. Pathetic. 
I mentioned last week that our Whitefish campus is meeting in a new location. 
Well, the owner purchased theese AMAZING Vintage Marquee Lights from Fab.com and I love them. 
Sunday I went to see Sufjan Stevens!!! 
It was a GREAT concert! He had a HUGE "Wheel of Christmas" that people would spin to decide what song they would perform next. Not to mention they were all in Christmas costumes. 
You can listen to his new Christmas album on Spotify. SO GOOD.
Lastly, this adorable window display that I saw in Missoula while waiting to get into the concert. 
I technically didn't end up instagraming it, but I wanted to share anyways. 
Noteworthy Paper & Press has these amazing windows with a black painted "frame", fake snow, and in this particular window a very full gold mailbox with letters to Santa. 
Check out their facebook page to see pictures of all the CUTE windows.

Is anyone else procrastinating Christmas decorating, or is it just me?!?!?

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  1. I am so jealous that you went to see Sufjan Stevens! He has never comes down to my area :( so I have never been able to see him live! I am so so envious!


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