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Monday, October 29, 2012

autumn birthday celebration

My sweet friend Amanda LOVES all things Autumn (a girl after my own heart),
so for her birthday we had an Autumn inspired party filled with pumpkins, apples,
food, friends, & MORE pumpkins (even the invitation was a pumpkin!).A cozy blanket, pumpkin, and wreath welcomed the guests. 
The table was set and there were PLENTY of... you guessed it... pumpkins!
One of my favorite party tips- 
If you don't have a large enough tablecloth, use different fabrics to create one. 
Gourds, leaves, and pine-cones were also used for decor. 
In my craft nook at home, I have clipboards to hold things I'm inspired by. 
For the party I found Autumn-ish pictures from magazines & put them up. Then we used the table for presents. 
This was actually one of my favorite spots at the party. 
Sara saw this cute idea for apple cider in apple cups. They were really fun and VERY tasty. 
I made a batch of SWEET & SALTY pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a lot work, but SO worth it. 

For dinner we had soup, salad, and bread.
I love these old mugs I purchased for a baby shower almost 2 years ago (10 cents each at the thrift store).
We used them for the soup.
Actually, I reused a lot of stuff from that Woodland themed party
Good friends having good times. 
Mini pumpkin pies... oh so good. 
Then there were these guys...
Mini carmel apples. The sticks make them the cutest thing ever 
(I wish I could say this was my genius idea, but I got the idea from her). 
For a fun little craft we painted mini pumkins. 
There are no pictures of painted pumpkins because I was busy having way too much fun. 
These girls. I am blessed. 
I leave you with this lovely and oh so true quote from George Eliot.

For more FALL inspiration check out -
or my Pinterest board. 

Happy Autumn!!!

Thanks Elisha for your awesome photos, editing, 
gorgeous handwriting, & carving pumpkins for seeds. 
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  1. This is an absolutely beautiful fall party! Wish I could have attended! I adore that you put up inspiration on clipboards!

  2. Hi carrie, I stumbled upon the little brave men shower you did on Kara's party idea, was wondering how you make that arrows stamped cups! Ive been searching high and lows for a nice arrow stamp to buy but couldnt find any.. do you mind sharing how you did it? Itd be nice... its for my daughter 2nd birthday.. THANK YOU carrie.

  3. Care! I love this! You are the best party hostess ever. Why must we live so far from one another?! I love your fall party. I have decided I need an Elisha. xoxo

    1. April, I love you! Thanks friend. And yes, everyone needs an Elisha in their life.


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