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Monday, October 15, 2012

candy corn bowl // illi style

Happy Monday FRIENDS!
I am so excited that my sweet friend April from illistyle.com is posting today with a REALLY cute and easy craft! Be sure to check out her blog and see all the fun things she makes, her CUTE daughter, places she goes 
(um, Mayan Ruins anyone?), products she recommends, and MORE.
Thanks April for sharing this awesome craft with us!
Happy Fall CTC readers, it's April from illistyle.com. I am so excited to be back again sharing with you all. 
Carrie is so sweet to let me keep hanging out.
Today, I am here to share a little project with you that is perfect for fall. 
Soon enough we will all have cutie-patootie little intruders at our doors threatening us with "Trick or Treat?" and looking adorable in their Disney costumes or better yet home-made ones! 
I am of the opinion that these little angels (or cowboys or space rangers) deserve a little treat in a cute bowl. 
So I made this Glitter Candy Corn Bowl for my trick-or-treaters:
Candy Corn glitter bowl - illistyle,.com
Candy Corn is hands down my all time fav fall candy. Call me crazy, but it is simply amazing. 
Its consistency, its colors, and that flavor. Oh boy, I am getting way to excited about candy. I will stop.
This project was super simple, check it out:
Candy Corn glitter bowl - illistyle.com

The glass bowl is $4.98 at Walmart, the sponge brush, Mod Podge, and tape can be found there too. 
The Martha Stewart glitter (which I kinda have a love affair with) and acrylic paints can be found on Amazon or at most craft stores. I did not originally plan on using the paint, so that's why they did not make it into my "supplies" photo above, but sometimes crafts evolve as we go along, it's such a fun and surprising part of the creative process. I totally saw a vision in my head for this craft and in the end it turned out different,
but I totes love it. Totes.

Ok, so the first thing I did was pour some glitter into some Mod Podge and used my sponge brush to coat the bottom 1/3 of the bowl. I did not measure or tape anything off, this is a free-form piece, it is meant to look kind of rustic, so no need to get all perfectionist on it (which I have a tendency to do).
Candy Corn Glitter Bowl - illistyle.com
I then repeated the process with my other two glitter/glue concoctions until I got this: Each color took about 3 coats of glittered glue. The best recipe I discovered for my glue to glitter ratio was this: 
1 Tbs Mod Podge to 2 tsp glitter. That's an approximate estimation.
After it dried I thought it needed to be opaque, I did not want to see all the candy through my glitter... but obviously the glitter/glue deal would take about 5 bagillion coats, so I did the math and decided one coat of paint was a better than 5 bagilligon coats of anything... so, paint wins!
Candy Corn glitter bowl - illistyle.com
So I put one coat of paint on each color and let that dry 
(which only took a few minutes, thank you Arizona and your severe lack of humidity!)
Then I got this:
Candy Corn glitter bowl - illistyle,.com
This bowl is holding like 2.5 lbs of Dum Dums (you can see some sticking out), so my arms are dying in this shot... if you need a work out after crafting, may I suggest Candy Corn Bowl lifts? 
They are great for the triceps and shoulders.
(FYI this is a shot I straight stole from Carrie, I have seen her do it 20 times, I have even photographed her doing this. But she only ever holds a darling little cupcake... now I know why, smart girl.)
Thanks for letting me share my Candy Corn Bowl with you guys, Carrie! ~Happy Fall~

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