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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

a birthday object lesson

As I've mentioned before, my girlfriends and I love to take time at 
birthday celebrations to tell the birthday girl how much we love her and why. 
For Jennie's 30th birthday I asked all the girls to bring one item 
that had some significance of why they love Jennie. 
I also asked them to paint it black, white, gold, or silver to match the party theme. HA!
Here are some of the items people brought...
One of my favorites was the little people (1st pic) that represented how Jennie is "other's oriented"
which is SO true! Jennie's amazing at caring for others.
Jennie's adorable sister brought the superhero because Jennie is her superhero. Adorable.
The last picture is a "lion-puppy" Jennie actually coined this term here (part 7).
Different objects with different meanings, but all sharing how much Jennie has blessed each of us.

If you haven't seen Jennie's chic 30th birthday party, check it out here

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