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Monday, May 21, 2012

birthday book notes

Over a year ago my girlfriends and I started a new tradition. 
Every BIRTHDAY we tell the birthday girl WHY we love her & we try to do this in a CREATIVE way. 

So, this year for Elisha's birthday I asked all the girls to write a note of love & encouragement to her on and index card (or something similar).  
Elisha loves books, so I decide to put all the notes in a book for her to keep. 
I called this "the best book Elisha will NEVER read".
 I simply purchased an old book, cut out a rectangle with an exacto knife (watch your fingers!),
 then I placed the notes in the book, 
 closed it, and wrapped it with twine. 
This tradition was inspired by a message from our pastor.
He spoke of how silly it is that we tell someone how much we loved them &
how they were so influencial in our lives.... at their funeral.
We deided we want to take time to share those things NOW!

This is one of my favorite things to do at birthday parties, 
I encourage you to take time to tell people you love them & why. 
Life is short, don't miss the opportunities!


  1. Love this Carrie! How sweet that all your friends care so deeply about one another. I would cry (in a totally good way) if I received such a lovely gift.


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