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Monday, June 6, 2011

the pioneer woman and me

I. Met. The Pioneer Woman
Ree Drummond (insert SCREAM here)!!!!!!
Just for the record, I'm NOT a person who gets star-struck. Seriously. 
I could meet Brad Pitt tomorrow and not really care (ok, slight exaggeration), 
BUT you get the point. 

However, when we decided we were going to make the 4 hour drive to Great Falls, MT
to meet Ree Drummond and hear her speak
I was so EXCITED and NERVOUS!!!

Here's the story.....
Back in March (SUPER late post, I know),
(photo by Mary Tepas)

.... A group of us girls from church who all love Ree went for a fun road trip.
Car 1 = Kelly, Chelsea, Me, Elisha and Andrea.
Car 2 = Amanda, Sarah, Crystal and Cary
4 hours of Driving, munchies and then to Macaroni Grill & shopping.
Now, if you know me, you know that I am competitive.
This came in very handy this weekend.
I was DETERMINED that we needed to be there EARLY 
and get the BEST seats possible.
Well, we not only got there early, we were the 1st ones there!
The FRONT row seats were officially ours 
(after some investigating, scoping out, waiting in line and bribes... ok, no bribes).
There she is!
See NO ONE in front of us. 
She did a great job of sharing her story and afterward she signed books. 
The line to get our books signed was super long, but SO worth it.
Ree and I!!!!
I don't really remember what I said because I was SO nervous. 
I said something about wanting to ask questions during her Q&A,
but was too nervous. 
I encouraged her in her public speaking skills (friends encourage each other)
and told her that I'm from Cali living in Montana and can relate to some of her stories.
OH and I told her how I adore her. Yep, It was AWESOME!

Then one by one, all the girls got to chat with her and get something signed
(Elisha had a rolling pin signed... genius). 
She loved us... obviously. 
AND Ree requested a picture with all of us 
(even though we were planning on it anyways).
The 10 Kalispell gals with Ree!!! 
(Elisha, Crystal, Me, Chelsea, Andrea, Cary, Sarah, Amanda, Kelly and Mary)

After we met Ree and went to dinner, we went back to the hotel and 
I wrote Ree a note on her facebook page and the next day she wrote back!!!!!!!

 She is so sweet and fun and I'm pretty sure some day we'll be BFF. 

I did email the picture above (thanks Tim for taking it!) and invited her to Kalispell. 
One can dream.
All in all it was a SPECTACULAR time with friends 

AND getting to meet some special.
The End.

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