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Friday, September 12, 2014

garden birthday party

Let's just skip the part where I mention that this blog post is a couple years old... oops.
But in honor of Crystal's birthday yesterday, I thought I'd finally post it!
We had a lovely Garden Party at my sweet friends Linda's house 
(same place we had Kari's baby shower a few weeks back).  
We had so much fun chatting, eating, and picking veggies & fruits in Linda's garden. 
As usual table settings were my fave. 
I stamped the napkins with different flower names. 
And Linda made little bread loafs. 
Flowers from Linda's garden. 
My other favorite detail was the Muddle Your Own Lemonade bar. Yep. 
I got this wonderful idea from Cupcakes & Cutlery.
Grab a cup and put in your desired fruits and herbs. 
Then muddle them! 
And add some lemonade. 

Yummy food. 
Crystal and her daughter Izzi. I love them so. 
And then off to the garden! 
Linda explaining what is where. 
Lovely evening with lovely friends. 

Happy Birthday Crystal!!! 
You are a true joy to know and I can't wait to see what God has in-store for you this year. 
Love you! 

Thank you Izzi for all the pictures!

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  1. This party looks amazing! Glad I could help you jazz up your lemonade! ;) You know, Crystal was the key to opening my heart to Jesus. It was through her music that I was able to be quiet and hear him working in me. I hope she has the best birthday ever!


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