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Monday, December 16, 2013

hunt and cut 2013

Here we are again... Hunt & Cut 2013
We went deep into the forest this year to find our perfect Christmas tree and it was AMAZING!!!
Oh and sweet Kelli documented the lovely day. 

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.... which tree to pick?!
We hunt...
and cut. 
Then we hang out and eat.
Soups for a cold day.
I stamped simple white cups with a homemade tree stamp for soup.
Then used a Smash Date Stamp to stamp other cups that said "happy memories NOV 29 2013" for hot cocoa. 
I kind of love them. A lot. 
Cute little bunting. 
And my favorite Hunt & Cut treat! (You can see this previous blog for the DIY of these trees)
One more cause I love them so. 
I LOVE doing life with these people. Love. 
Kelli and I. 
Loading up the trees. 
These pictures that Kelli captured on the drive are amazing! You can see even more on her blog.
Ok one last thing. That 1st picture I posted that Kelli took is one of my favorite. 
She and our friend Ashley make monthly desktops/wallpaper and they used that picture for this month. 
It's stunning and you can download it on their sites for FREE!

Merry Christmas friends!

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  1. Baaaaaaah!!!! This was my most favorite Hunt and Cut. Seriously.....so wonderful. Well done with all the details, my friend. I love this post so much.....and I love you! So thankful to do LIFE with you here in Montana. So thankful to have a creative buddy out here. XO


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