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Monday, July 16, 2012

tissue pom pom arch // wedding

My friend Lindsay from church asked me to help decorate her wedding and I was thrilled to say YES! 
We chatted & decided that tissue pom poms would be a great way to add color to the venue (inexpensive too).
Lindsay and her friends made all the poms, 
so all I had to do was set everything up and make sure it looked amazing. 
I also helped set out flowers and favors for the reception. All the colors matched perfectly!
AND pick up/deliver the cake.... scariest drive EVER.
"C" for Craig... her new last name! 
Here are some pics I took with my iphone to show the progress...
1. You can barely see the arch.
2. Sheer white fabric weaved through the arch. 
3. Starting the poms. Lindsay used wire instead of ribbon to make it easy to attach the poms to the arch. 
4. All the poms are up and hanging down the isle. 
I love the pops of colors behind them!!! 
AND how stylish they both look.
This was the 2nd wedding I've had the honor of decorating/styling 
(you can see some pics from the 1st one here). 
I'm really hoping to style a few weddings a year, It's really fun (and little stressful).
Congratulations Lindsay and Renzy!!! 
I am SO excited for you both and this new season of life! God is so good!!!

Photographs- Laira Fonner
Minus my iphone pictures. 
Venue- Swan River Inn // Bigfork, MT
Flowers and cake - Rosauers

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