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Monday, June 4, 2012

a house warming

A few months back (ok, over 6 months ago) I helped my friend Kelli throw a little house warming party at her and her husbands cute little house in the forest (fun fact, they were on House Hunters!)
We though it would be fun to go with a simple "moving" theme for the party. 
Ashley from Thorn + Sparrow made the adorable invitations! 
To stick with the "moving" theme we put the invites in little cardboard boxes, filled them with packing peanuts, closed them with electric blue duct tape, and then used sharpies to mark them like moving boxes. 
Pretty stinkin cute. 
We carried the duct tape into the party and made little food flags.Along with sharpies on card-stock with duct tape for the food labels. 
Sometimes it's so frustrating trying to find inexpensive and cute party supplies 
(the joys of living in a small town). 
I find lately I've been purchasing plain supplies and making them more interesting.
These napkins are a perfect example.
White napkins + alphabet rolling stamp = customized cuteness!
It was a sweet night with friends in the Trontel's cozy cabin. 

All photographs by Kelli Trontel

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