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Monday, April 30, 2012

watercolor invitations

Last year I threw one of my favorite parties! 
It was a FRENCH TOAST brunch for my friend Elisha; 
however, I realized I never blogged about the invitations for her party. 
So here they are... 
Our colors were mainly reds and blues.
I purchased plain white envelops and then went to town PAINTING. 
Blue designs. 
Red designs and flowers. 

This is where it gets complicated, yet very simple. 
Each invite had a blue, red, and flower envelope. 
You're basically making an accordion file with envelopes. 
Fold back the flap of the envelope and attach it to the envelope behind it. 
The 1st envelope's flap will fold over all envelopes to the last envelope and not be attached. 
It sounds more complicated than it is, so just play around with it. 
Punch a hole in the bottom. 
Place papers in each envelope. 
I had info for the party on separate pieces of paper. 
Get your twine or ribbon. 
Wrap it around, address them, and you're done! 
These are also great for birthday cards to hold gift cards or fun coupons. 

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