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Monday, April 11, 2011

confession- straws

I have a confession to make.... I am obsessed with straws
Here is a pic of my current straw collection.
 So many pretty straws. 
My FAVORITES are my paper straws from Garnish
The newest addition to the straw family.
The thing with straws is you can find them in so many different colors, 
they are inexpensive, fun and they make a great addition to any party...
or any drink for that matter! 

Well, I feel better now that I confessed about my straw obsession.


  1. I have a slight obsession with them as well!

  2. I covet your straw collection! Thank you for letting me post about your Parisian baby shower. The post will go up tomorrow. :)


  3. wow you have the largest straw collection i have ever soon...well i have to admit yours is the only one i have seen! but nonetheless very impressive. straws are pretty awesome, i hate drinking when there is ice so straws are a must!


  4. Ha!!! We have a very similar collection!! :)

  5. You should add some glass straws from Strawsome.com! They are the coolest and eco-friendly too.
    Crate & Barrel has metal spoon-straws!
    Happy collecting.


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