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Monday, January 10, 2011

craft of christmas past

Yes, I know... Christmas was SO last month and
in blog-land that means Christmas was SO 2 months ago, BUT
I still wanted to blog about my Christmas crafts and decor!

I had the idea to put the fabric in embroidery hoops 
I purchased from the thrift store,  
add rows of twine, yarn or rope and 
use mini clothes pins to hold my Christmas cards. 

Here's the finished project....
My FAVE!!!

So cute and tiny. 
They were hung on the door and staircase banister,
placed throughout the house

and hung outside by the front door.

These 2 had the Christmas Eve invite from my church, Fresh Life Church.

Bonus artsy picture. 
The Decor & Table of Christmas Past will be up soon. 
Merry Christmas!

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  1. SO fun! Love the bokeh!!! I feel like its way too stressful to keep up with blogland standards on holidays. If I wanted to be relevant and updated, I'd be blogging about the 4th of July in 2 weeks ;) I like your style!


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